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Steel Cords for Radial Tyres

One of the principal activities of the Group is the manufacturing of steel cord. Jiaxing Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd. ("Jiaxing Eastern") is the Group's first pioneer in the manufacturing and selling of steel cord specifically used in radial tires.

In anticipating of increasing demand of automobiles in the PRC, and a lot of the production bases of automobiles move to China, the production volume of automobiles will substantively increase. Furthermore, fostering by the increase in the number and gradual improvement in the quality of expressways in the PRC, demand for radial tires has been escalating year after year, and accordingly the demand for the steel cord specifically used in radial tires has been pushed up. In view of this, it is expected that the steel cord market will develop with an average growth rate of 20% in the forthcoming two or three years.

We are pleased that, on one hand, Jiaxing Eastern has already became one of the major and established steel cord manufacturers in the PRC, and on the other hand, Shougang Century has established Tengzhou Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd. ("Tengzhou Eastern"), an additional steel cord manufacturing plant with annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes in Tengzhou city, Shandong Province in October 2008 with the objective to expand our annual production capacity in steel cord manufacturing and strive for a greater market share in this industry.

Tengzhou Eastern finished its first phase development with 30,000 tonnes of annual production capacity and commenced it's production at the end of 2009. The overall plant construction is now well-established with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes. Our short term goal is being a 200,000 tonnes class steel cord manufacturer in the PRC.

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Steel Cord