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Tengzhou Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd.

Tengzhou Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd.

Tengzhou Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd. ("Tengzhou Eastern") is a foreign enterprise which is wholly owned by Shougang Concord Century Holdings Limited. It was established and registered in Shandong Province on 15 October 2008. The registered capital and the aggregate investment of Tengzhou Eastern are USD82,000,000 and USD196,000,000 respectively. Its main products are steel cords, the framework materials for radial tyres.

Tengzhou Eastern is situated at Tengzhou Economic Development Zone in Shandong Province, PRC, with its gross floor area of 350 acres, backed by Jinteng Dadao in the north, connected Hengyuan Road in the west and Xiangyuan Road in the east. It is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of steel cords for radial tyres. Tengzhou Eastern finished its first phase development with 30,000 tonnes of annual production capacity and commenced it's production at the end of 2009. The overall plant construction is now well-established with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes. Tengzhou Eastern posesses the international advanced technology in respect of metallic transformation, and advanced technical and plating techniques. TESC also implements modern corporate management system to produce high quality steel cord. It is expected to become the major steel cord manufacturing centre in the PRC.

Tengzhou Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd.
Copper and Brass
Type of Product
Major Product
Categories of Steel Cord:
  • Structure: normal cord, open cord(OC), compact cord(CC), high elongation(HE), high impact(HI).
  • Strength: normal tensile strength(NT), high tensile strength(HT), super high tensile strength(ST).
  • Coating: low copper, high copper, thin copper.
Usage Specifications
Steel cord specifically used for passenger- vehicle tires 2*0.30HT 2+2*0.25HT 2+2*0.35HT
2+2*0.30HT 3*0.30HTOC  
Steel cord specifically used for light truck tires and heavy truck tires 3+9*0.22+0.15 3+9*0.22+0.15HT 3*0.24+9*0.225WCCHT
3+9+15*0.175+0.15 3+9+15*0.22+0.15 0.365+6*0.35HT
0.25+(6+12)*0.225HT 3+8*0.33HT 3*0.20+6*0.35HT
3*4*0.22HE 3*7*0.20HE  


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Tengzhou Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd.
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