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Jiaxing Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd. ("JESC") is a wholly owned foreign enterprise established in 1994. Shougang Century Holdings Limited is the holding company of JESC.

JESC is situated at Jiaxing Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province, PRC, at the very centre of Eastern China, an area which is economically developed with a strong industrial base. Backed by Shanghai in the east, connected to Hangzhou in the west and Suzhou in the north, it has a convenient transportation network and is well-connected by sea, railways and highways.

JESC has imported from Italy a full set of production equipment and technical know-how enabling it to produce steel cords required for the manufacturing of radial tyres of extensive specifications and structures. The main production facilities and equipment were imported from companies like Pirelli, GCR in Italy, FIB in Belgian and KOCH in Germany. At present, its annual production capacity is 80,000 tonnes.

JESC has implemented the modernized ISO9002 quality management system. Its staff are all well-trained, led by management team equipped with steel cords production expert skill. Human resources are the most valuable assets of JESC and also the guarantee of its success.

The steel cords produced by JESC under extensive specifications and with different structures is suitable for the manufacturing of various types of radial tyres. Its product has established a strong foothold in the PRC and is set for export to other territories of the world. Currently, JESC's clientele includes more than a dozen major tyres manufacturers in southern, eastern and northern China as well as the north eastern region. It is also developing new esteemed overseas customers, in order to broaden its customer base. JESC produces high quality steel cords and at the same time its sales executives provide comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale services for its clients.

Jiaxing Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd.
Steel Cord
Type of Product
  • Steel cords specifically used in radial tyres
  • It significantly improves rubber permeability, fatigue resistance and adhesiveness, increases the tensile strength, hot strength and compressive strength of tyres, extensively lengthens their useful life and making tyres more suitable for expressway driving
Usage Specifications
Steel cords specifically used for passenger- vehicle tyres 4*0.25 4*0.25OC 2+2*0.25
2+2*0.25NT 2+2*0.25HT 2+2*0.30NT
2+2*0.30HT 2+2*0.35NT 2+2*0.35HT
1*3*0.30HT 2*0.30HT 3+2*0.30HT
3+3*0.35ST 3+2*0.35ST 2+1*0.28NT
2+1*0.28HT 2+7*0.20HT 2+7*0.22NT
Steel cords specifically used for light truck tyres 2+7*0.28NT 2+7*0.28NT 3+8*0.22HT
3+9*0.22NT 3*0.20+6*0.35NT 3*0.20+6*0.35HT
3/6*0.35HT 0.20+18*0.175CCNT 0.20+18*0.175CCHT
0.22+18*0.20CCNT 0.22+18*0.20CCHT 0.25+18*0.22CCNT
0.25+18*0.22CCHT 2+7*0.22+0.15HT 2+7*0.28+0.15HT
3+9*0.175+0.15HT 3+9*0.22+0.15NT 0.365+6*0.35HT(RP)
Steel cords specifically used for heavy truck tyres 3+9+15*0.175+0.15 3+9+15*0.22+0.15 3*0.20/9*0.175+0.15CCHT
3*0.22/9*0.20+0.15CCHT 3*0.27/9*0.25+0.15CCHT 3*0.32/9*0.30+0.15CCHT
3*0.35/9*0.32+0.15CCHT 3*0.22/9*0.20CCHT 27*0.175+0.15CCNT
27*0.22+0.15CCNT 3+8+13*0.175+0.15HT 3+8+13*0.22+0.15HT
3/8+13*0.18+0.15 3/8+13*0.22+0.15 0.22+18*0.20CCNT
0.25+18*0.22CCHT 1*12*0.20+0.15 1*12*0.22+0.15
3+8*0.33HT 3*7*0.20HE 3*7*0.22HE
3*4*0.22HE 4*4*0.22HE 4*2*0.34HE
5*0.35HEI 5*0.38HEI 0.365+6*0.35HT(RP)

JESC can develop and produce tailor-made steel cords of other specifications customers' request so as to satisfy their need for new product development.


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Jiaxing Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd.
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