Investor Relations
  2022 2021 Change
Revenue from continuing operations (HK$’000) 2,464,242 2,694,810 -8.6%
Gross profit from continuing operations (HK$’000) 330,540 414,547 -20.3%
Profit for the year (HK$’000) 47,858 80,879 -40.8%
Total equity(HK$’000) 1,657,743 1,732,946 -4.3%
Gearing ratio (Note) 21.8% 24.1% -2.3pp
The Board has proposed a final dividend of HK0.73 cent per Share in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2022 (subject to Shareholders’ approval at the forthcoming annual general meeting).


Gearing ratio represented total interest bearing borrowings less bank balances and cash (including pledged bank deposits) divided by total equity.