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Jiaxing Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd. ("JESC")

JESC, Shougang Century's indirect wholly owned foreign enterprise, was established at Jiaxing Province, Zhejiang in 1994. The total investment amount was US$171,000,000 with two-phased implementation. The main production facilities and equipment were introduced from companies, like PIRELLI, GCR in Italy, FIB in Belgium and KOCH in Germany. At present, its annual production capacity is 80,000 tonnes.

Tengzhou Eastern Steel Cord Co., Ltd. ("TESC")

TESC is a wholly owned foreign enterprise owned by Shougang Century and registered in Shangdong Province in 2008, with registered capital of US$109,000,000. The total investment is US$300 million. The Company is engaged in the manufacturing of steel cords with annual production capacity of 160,000 tonnes.

Shougang Century (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. ("SCSH")

SCSH is a wholly owned foreign enterprise, which was registered in Shanghai City in 2011. Total investment amount is US$11,800,000. The registered capital is US$7,000,000. The main business of SCSH is provision of investment trading, management and consultant services to the Group companies.